BRT — passive income token for investors and a simple flow of investment collection for start ups

Active tokens in circulation:
3808 BRT / 1048576
  • BRT Network
    ROI ?%
  • Cointrapper
    ROI ?%

Passive income

BRT token holders have a appropriate interest of total dividends in accordance with a current active pool (tokens which are sold and are in free circulation on user accounts.

How are the dividends payed out?

  1. The Dividends are payed to the BRT holder address in a Bitcoin network in appropriate currency. The secret key forms a single address in a Bitcoin and BRT network both.
  2. Every working project in this network payout dividends via BTC to the common address with a certain frequency.
  3. BRT token holders get a 12% investment income of each new project.
  4. Dividend assignment takes place on daily basis and is reflected publicly in the blockchain payment history.

What are the projects and where are the dividends come from?

Bitcoin Revenue Token (BRT) — this is an ecosystem, which ease the fundraising for the various projects (startups) and give possibility for a passive income to invesors (BRT holders).

Project — it is an online or offline business, who needs investments and is ready to pay a certain interest for the BRT network investors in exchange of it's gross..

Cointrapper — the unique automatic trading algorithm in the cryptocurrency trade market. The first project which is allowed to work in the system without voting. This project performs the first dividends and perform the basis in the further future of the whole ecosystem. All the further projects will be added solely at the discretion of the BRT token holders via the voting system. It will help to avoid the appearance of unscrupulous projects in our system, wich are not going to payout dividends..

Token allocation

  • Released amount of tokens: 1048576 BRT
  • Early stage investors: 26219 BRT
  • Bonus pool: 5243 BRT
  • Team: 20974 BRT
  • Pool for projects: 996140 BRT
Starting price: 1 BRT = 0.001 BTC

*The further selling cost of new tokens upon launching a new project is determined by the market with the necessary correction in order to protect mathematically the dilution of the share for previous holders.

About project

  • BRT meaning is Bitcoin Revenue Token and creates the club of investors with a passive income
  • Full control under the new project acceptance by the BRT holders
  • Dividend payouts in the most stable cryptocurrency - BTC
  • Decrease the number of tokens in circulation at every transfer and new address creation
  • Full clearance and detailed full report for all the payouts
  • BRT target is to make easier way to attract investments for startups and income receive by investors
  • Ripple The networks runs on a modified fork Ripple network
  • Unified secret key and address for two blockchains - BRT and BTC
  • Investor loss protection - tokens redemption at a growing price up to 100% of the purchase during the year
  • Open source code of all libraries for the token and the nodes to run

Full control by investors

Permission for the project to join the ecosystem and further addition for investment collection is accepted by the BRT token holders exclusively based on a public vote.

Each project submits an application for participation, which any user can get acquainted with and decide whether a particular project is worthy to participate in the ecosystem and receive investments by forming new tokens in circulation.

Investors vote pro and contra with their own BRT tokens. If the project doesn't get enough approvals, all the tokens will be transferred back to the holders.

If the project is accepted by the BRT token holders for the collection of investments, so the tokens used in voting will be transferred to the common address for the further selling.

Safety of investments

  1. BRT guarantees that all tokens bought by you can be sold after 1 year same price you got it.
  2. If you bought token and not satisfied with dividends, you always can sell it in markets or to BRT network by growing price to initial during the year.
  3. BRT guaratees this using its own fee from investment pool of projects sales.
  4. All buy back tokens moving to active pool in name of BRT Network.

Operations clarity

All the BRT token transactions is reflected in Blockchain publicly and
is available for viewing everyone.

Purchase BRT

You can purchase BRT using the most stable cryptocurrency - Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin

Dividends for BRT holders are paid to the same addresses and only in Bitcoins.

Affiliate program

BRT offers a two level partnership program for marketing commands.

  • Partners, who attract new investments, will get 75% from BRT commission charged for investment collection (6% from 8% of commission)
  • BRT system commission for investments attraction is set as 8% and is paid regularly for each project.
  • There are two referral program levels. The first one – 4% from investments. The second one – 2%.
  • Additional bonuses for the investor attraction by the most active marketing commands are payed out by BRT tokens.


  • July 2020
    • Preparing the network on a Ripple base
    • Launch of a working blockchain network and start of a closed investment stage
  • August 2020
    • Team formation of the project
    • Launching the main website of project
    • Launching the transaction explorer
    • Prepare the launch of the first project on a platform - Cointrapper
    • Closing the early investment stage
  • September 2020
    • Launching the project and collecting investments for Cointraper
    • Launching the Dividend system and proceed the first payouts
    • Launching the voting system to add new projects
    • Preparation and release of information about the token in the form of WhitePaper
    • Launching a marketing campaign
  • October-December 2020
    • Launching our own exchange service
    • Expansion of the list of possible currencies to purchase BRT
    • The release of a token for sale on exchanges
    • Launching investor token buyback system
    • Launch of a secured loan service with BRT
  • January-March 2021
    • Lauch the web wallet
    • Mobile app development for IOS and Android OS
    • Launching the investor support by phone
    • Launching the news project with a author revenue with BRT
    • Launching the telegram bot
  • April-August 2021
    • Token expansion presence in the markets
    • Starting to attract offline business projects
    • Planning next steps and renew roadmap


What is BRT?

BRT – Bitcoin Revenue Token. This is a token which provides investors the possibility to get the passive income in dividends from the working projects, which payout certain percentage from profit in return for collecting investments through the BRT ecosystem.

Where I can see the source?

The source, nodes and the library is available in the public domain GitHub.

What projects get allowed for investment collection?

Only projects that are already working (online or offline segment) or those working at the prototype stage are allowed to collect investments. The decision to add a project to fundraising is made by the current BRT token holders through a public vote on the site - . To add a request for participation in your project, you need to follow the link and fill out the appropriate pre-approval form. After preliminary approval, the project will be put up for a public vote.

How are the received investments distributed for the project?
What happens with unsold tokens?
How are the share of investors protected from dilution when introducing new coins?
Where I can download the wallet?
I have a question, where I can ask it?

You can ask your question in the public Telegram group. Any questions you may have will be answered by both the community itself and the BRT network team. You can follow the latest news on the special Telegram channel.

How to contact you?

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send message to our email -

1 BRT =
0.001 BTC