BRT — token of a passive income paid by offline businesses and startups

Active tokens in circulation:
100K BRT / 21M (0.47%)
  • BRT Network
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  • ChainZ
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Passive income

BRT token holders have a appropriate interest of total dividends in accordance with a current active pool (tokens which are sold and are in free circulation on user accounts.

How are the dividends payed out?

  1. Dividends are paid to address of holder in BRT tokens and increase its balance.
  2. When project pays dividends first it buys BRT tokens from public marketplaces where token is available.
  3. Each project send dividends on its own address that allows to calculate ROI for each project and follow its performance.
  4. In case if project cannot buy BRT tokens in public marketplaces it buys from BRT network that increase emission of tokens and make reinvestment to projects.

What are the projects and where are the dividends come from?

Business Revenue Token (BRT) — this is an ecosystem, which ease the fundraising for the various projects (startups) and give possibility for a passive income to invesors (BRT holders).

Project — it is an online or offline business, who needs investments and is ready to pay a certain interest for the BRT network investors in exchange of it's gross..

How it works together? — We are (the BRT team) develop and add new projects on the first phase of launch of the ecoysystem that gives proof of following all the rules and paying dividends by each project we launch. Each project has own percent of income that is splitted among holders in exchange of investments. This amount can be changed during the time depending on how sucessful the project is, and in case if has good result amount of dividends paid to investors also increases. No just ideas – only working offline bussinesses and MVP or higher projects..

Token allocation

  • Released amount of tokens: 21M BRT
  • Early stage investors: 100K BRT
  • Bonus pool: 300K BRT
  • Team: 600K BRT
  • Affiliate program: 1M BRT
  • Pool for projects: 19M BRT
Starting price: 1 BRT = 0.5 USD

*The price of token calculates by using market price and total ROI of project for all time.

About project

  • BRT (Business Revenue Token) creates investors club and possibility to get passive income
  • Investors have access to full report of all expenses and usage of finance by startups
  • Dividends are paid in BRT, that bought before on available markets by projects using their profit
  • During the time tokens burn on each transaction and address creation
  • Full transparency and detailed statistics for all payouts and projects
  • BRT makes goal to simplify investments gathering for projects and passive income for investors
  • The blockchain works on modified code of Ripple with own consensus
  • No ideas just working projects and startups can join and use investment pool
  • The token price cannot be lower than original offer from time of sale start
  • Opensource and possibility to join with own validator to support decentralized ecosystem

Safety of investments

  1. Once you buy BRT token you invest into the pool that used by projects but with custom limits.
  2. Projects are limited to use amount from the pool until it can pay dividends for BRT token holders.
  3. If project failed and did not reach any profit he will use only limited amount from the pool for start and cannot use it anymore until start pay dividends.
  4. If project succeed and start to pay dividends the amount that it can take from pool increased depending on dividneds that this project pays.
  5. Each project send full details and reports of all usage any amount from the pool with screenshots, invoices and other proofs that available to all investors.

Operations clarity

All the BRT token transactions is reflected in Blockchain publicly and
is available for viewing everyone.

Purchase BRT

You can purchase BRT using the most popular cryptocurrencies:

  • Tether
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Chainlink
  • Dogecoin

Affiliate program

BRT offers a two level affiliate program for marketing commands.

  • Partners, who attract new investments, get up to 10% in BRT tokens instantly.
  • Affiliate program offers 2 levels - 1st level 7% of investment amount and 2nd – 3% instantly credited to partner account.
  • The credited amount to affiliate partners depends on total amount tokens that sold in a moment of investments.
  • Early joint partners get much more benefits. You can learn more and start earning with affiliate by going to account.


  • March 2021
    • ✓ Relaunch the network with new mechanism
    • ✓ Launch web wallet and start BRT token sale
    • ✓ Send BRT tokens to all early investors in new network
  • April 2021
    • ✓ Development of exchange and preparing to launch
    • ✓ Whitepaper development
    • ✓ Development of libs to work with blockchain
  • May 2021
    • Launch own token exchanger
    • Add token to one market
    • Add new project to ecosystem
  • June 2021
    • Release wallet for PC
    • Release libs to work with blockchain
    • First dividends payouts with new mechanism
  • July 2021
    • Release whitepaper
    • Extend functionality of personal account section
    • Development of documentation for blockchain
  • August-September 2021
    • Add token to CoinMarketCap and similiar projects
    • Develop and release of mobile wallet
    • Add token to one more market to trade
  • October-December 2021
    • Starting to accept requests from projects who want to participate in investment pool
    • Launch vote system for projects
    • Preparing new roadmap depending on previous result of BRT network


What is BRT?

BRT – Business Revenue Token. This is a token which provides investors the possibility to get the passive income in dividends from the working projects, which payout certain percentage from profit in return for collecting investments through the BRT ecosystem.

Where I can see the source of blockchain?

We have public account at GitHub where you can find all code sources – open GitHub.

What projects are allowed for investment collection?

Only projects that are already working (online or offline segment) or those working at the prototype stage are allowed to join the ecosystem and use only part of inestment pool. The decision to add a project to fundraising is made by the current BRT token holders through a public vote on the site - To add a request for participation in your project, you need to follow the link and fill out the appropriate pre-approval form. After preliminary approval, the project will be put up for a public vote.

How you protect inestors from project scam?

We launch only projects made by our team on the first phase. That gives proof of payment from working projects only. Each project has own limit of investments that it can take from pool. Once project reaches limit it becomes impossible to use more until it starts to pay dividends. Investment pool is avaible to check by everyone and all movements from there are fully documented and reported by projects.

Where can I sell the token?

It will be possible to sell token on available markets or using our exchange service that will be available very soon according to the roadmap.

I have a question, where I can ask it?

You can ask your question in the public Telegram group. Any questions you may have will be answered by both the community itself and the BRT network team. You can follow the latest news on the special Telegram channel.

How to contact you?

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send message to our email - [email protected]

1 BRT =
0.5 USD